Alumnae and Alumni

Kazuhiro Ito
Project Researcher (from 2021/12/02 to 2023/09/30)
Current Affiliation
Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science, Tohoku University
Assistant Professor


Last Update 2024/01/11

My research fields include number theory, algebraic geometry, and especially p-adic geometry. I study the moduli spaces of abelian varieties and p-divisible groups, such as Shimura varieties, and their relation to the moduli space of K3 surfaces (the Kuga-Satake construction). Also, I’m interested in cohomology theory of algebraic varieties and rigid spaces over p-adic fields, and have been particularly studying the weight-monodromy conjecture. Currently, I am trying to investigate descent methods for vector bundles over integral perfectoid rings and perfectoid spaces with respect to the (p-complete) arc-topology introduced by Bhatt-Mathew and use them to understand the moduli spaces of p-adic shtukas constructed by Scholze from ``algebraic'' points of view.

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