Cesar Jesus Valls
Project Researcher (from 2022/10/01 )
Research Field
Experimental Physics (Neutrino Physics)
<cesar.jesus-valls _at_> 

Last Update 2023/08/29

We are now at a turning point: next-generation neutrino detectors are being built and long-sought answers will soon be within our grasp. My research focuses on the experimental study of neutrinos as a member of the T2K and Hyper-Kamiokande collaborations. My main interests are:

1) Detector development. I have been heavily involved in the development and testing of all the modules (HA-TPCs, ToF, SuperFGD) used in the upgrade of the ND280 near detector of the T2K experiment and I continue to work for its successful integration, operation and analysis of its first data.

2) Reconstruction. I have proposed, and plan to continue proposing, several novel tracking, classification, and signal processing algorithm solutions, most of them rooted in deep learning.

3) Neutrino interactions. Using data from T2K, I am leading the effort to constrain a particularly unknown and challenging interaction channel never before measured in a modern neutrino experiment. That is, I study neutrino neutral-current interactions that produce a single charged pion in the final state.

4) Neutrino oscillations. To improve the neutrino oscillation measurements of T2K and Hyper-Kamiokande, I am working to make T2K the first experiment to use multiple near detectors in its oscillation analysis by including to it the WAGASCI detector.

5) Astrophysics. I explore how to study the next nearby supernova neutrino burst and how to set up Hyper-Kamiokande in preparation. I am interested in contributing to the first supernova relic neutrino detection and studying its implications.

6) Exotics and beyond. I am interested in PMNS mixing pattern and its unitarity, a subject that I intend to research in the future.

In general, I am always looking for new ideas and exciting projects and I am very open to discuss and collaborate. Please feel free to email me!

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