Xue (Sherry) Song
Project Researcher (from 2024/05/02 )
Research Field
Theoretical Physics (Cosmology)
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Last Update 2024/05/24

I am an experimental cosmologist (postdoc) working on both analysis and hardware front in the subfield of CMB.

My Ph.D. thesis at Princeton University focused on a balloon telescope, SPIDER (I and II), which was targeting to search for the primordial B-mode. I worked on both analysis, mainly focused on pipeline building and data validation (null-tests) for SPIDER-I, and hardware integration (cryogenic operations, flight-cryostat detector testing and SQUIDs/TES tuning, etc) for SPIDER-II. My previous postdoc at UC Berkeley focused on building and deploying the Small Aperture Telescope at Ultra-High Frequency for Simons Observatory(SO - SAT - UHF), which was successfully deployed in Apr 2024.

Moving forward, I am exploring the frontiers of other aspects of the cosmology field, featuring large data analysis set and noise-feature cleaning. Among that, self-cleaning and self-examine data set is a potential fun thing to explore, with a lot of uncertainty.

Being productive, helpful and generating reliable scientific effort is my general research goal. I am interested in pretty much everything related to scientific research. Please don't hesitate to talk to me if you have any work needed to be done in your projects. I am always open to ideas. :)

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