Hirosi Ooguri
Professor (from 2023/10/15 )
Project Professor (Cross Appointment) (from 2018/10/15 )
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Main Affiliation
Division of Physics, Mathematics & Astronomy, California Institute of Technology

Research Field
Theoretical Physics (Mathematical Physics)
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Last Update 2024/04/11

In the past few hundred years, scientists have searched for fundamental laws of nature by exploring phenomena at shorter and shorter distances. Surprisingly, there are reasons to think that the hierarchical structure of nature will terminate at 10-35 meter, the so-called Planck length. Space and time do not exist beyond the Planck scale, and they should emerge from a more fundamental structure.
Superstring theory is a leading candidate for a mathematical framework to describe physics at the Planck scale since it contains all the ingredients necessary to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics and to deduce the Standard Model of Particle Physics. I am trying to develop theoretical tools to apply superstring theory to questions relevant to high energy physics, astrophysics, and cosmology.

The title of University Professor of The University of Tokyo was conferred on April 1, 2024.

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