Kunio Inoue
Principal investigator (from 2007/10/01 )
Other Affiliation
ニュートリノ科学研究センター, Tohoku University

Research Field
Experimental Physics (Neutrino Physics)
<inoue _at_> 

Last Update 2018/08/15

The former Kamiokande was replaced by KamLAND. It holds 1000 tons of liquid scintillator and is especially sensitive to anti-electron-neutrinos. I’m leading the experiment and studying neutrino physics and applied neutrino physics with the detector. KamLAND observes anti-neutrinos from nuclear reactors about 180 km away. It has obtained evidence for reactor neutrino disappearance and explained why detected neutrinos from the Sun are much less than expected. It also observed that neutrinos disappear and reappear repeatedly giving clear evidence of neutrino oscillation. This also provides a precise measurement of the neutrino mass. Thanks to these measurements, information brought by neutrinos from the interior of the obstacle objects can be constructed via a neutrino observation. KamLAND has successfully been applied to measure geologically-produced anti-neutrinos and pioneered a new field, “neutrino geophysics.”It is also aiming at observing low energy solar neutrinos.

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